Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ok anyone that knows me knows I normally keep my political opinions to myself but I also have very strong opinions on the topic at the same time!  I keep them to myself mainly because I really could care less to debate the subject.  Honestly everyone has their opinion and can argue there point until they are blue in the face but its highly unlikely you will change someone elses mind so whats the point? Right?  Right!  So to sum it up in the only political statement you are ever going to here me voice publicly is this:

hates politics...left wing or right wing, it doesn't matter. They are all part of the same screwed up chicken!

Now its back to my normal everyday life and off to clean!  Bye all!

P.S.  Who in the world doesn't like Big Bird and want to support them!  SMH!  (If you watched the debate last night you will understand)

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