Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the south:

the most lived for sport is FOOTBALL!  Well here in Arkansas you can guess who we root for in this house!

And then there is also High School Football on Friday nights and thats just as big of a deal around here.  Me and Alyssa have a friday ritual.  Every friday morning one of the local radio stations plays "The Boys Of Fall" at the same time and its while we are on our way to school.  And then of course we have to dress up to show school spirit on Fridays!  

Well this week is homecoming up!  And yes I secretly love this week!  

Monday was Pj Day!

Tuesday we didn't do!

Today was your favorite animal!  Yeah this weird crazy lookin kitty showed up on my door so I dropped her off at the school! LOL

Tomorrow is throwback day and I can't wait we are goin for the 70's this year last year it was the 50's!  

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Nikki Brewer said...

i wanna see the throwback outfit!!