Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I always wondered why:

Me: you're getting to smart for your own good
Alyssa: Yep and it all won't fit in my head so its going to my booty that's why my pants won't fit
Me: Ok whatever you say (while hysterically laughing)

And now I know why everytime I turn around her pants don't fit!  And all this time I was wondering if the washer/dryer was shrinking them!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I've turned into the "soccer" mom I always said I wouldn't be

Ok so bad bloggy moment its been way to long since I've blogged!  Well so you know I've punished myself by making my self blog all the crazy things that have happened lately so here it goes!

So where to begin!  The last month and a half has been a crazy whirlwind with Alyssa in Upward cheer, Girl Scouts and Awanas (just so you know thats 4 days a week we are running somewhere to something!)  I always said I would never EVER be one of those crazy soccer moms who was always running a kid to something!  Well guess what I AM!  AGHHHHHHH!!!!  LOL

Well lets start with girl scouts we just wrapped up preorders for GS cookies a few weeks ago and let me tell you I thought my child was nuts when she set her goal at 200!  Well mommy was the crazy one she ended up selling 202!  This year there was a new and OMG it is so scrumptious (we got an eearly taste test)!  I so can't wait for these to come in!

Ok so on to upward!  Yeah its a 2 day a week thing!  Practice on monday nights (yes we should be there right now but weather caused it to be canceled)  and game day is saturday!  We absolutely love the Upward program and our coach!  Ok enough yapping and on with pictures!

Alyssa and her best friend Riley at the first game of the season!

About to start stretchin to get ready for the game!

All of our girls lined up on the sidelines cheering!

The run out at the begining of every game!

Picture day

The girls with their awesome coaches Joy (left) and Tiffany (right)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Pictures from January

Kaleb, Josh, Alyssa, Aaron

Random Pic from new years

Princess the kitty playing with a zhu zhu pet

View from my laundry room window

One of Alyssa's many weird faces!

Playing with her new crib life baby

Shirley (we were talkin about somethin who knows what) LOL  we were waiting on the kids to get out of school

Alyssa and Riely at their first of upward game

My granny!  Love her dearly

Aaron sitting in time out and not to happy about it!

Goofin around with the nephews cars

Not really sure what she was doin!

Aaron putting on his shoes

Riley goofin around during the game