Friday, October 15, 2010

It is complete!

It is complete and handed over!  I don't think I've ever been happier to be done with a project!  This one has been a major thorn!  I've been having nightmares over this stinkin thing!  Ok well here are the pics!  I'm to tired to say much more!  Once I figure out how to get the video up of the tiger in action I'll add it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tiger update!

Well the suit its self is done the only I like is the shoes, gloves and head!  So as long as things stay on course and work out as planned it will be done, ready and at the game on friday night!  I have people messaging me on facebook asking me how its coming and everything they are all really excited and can't wait to see it!  This is the biggest news in this sleepy little town this week!  I'm not so sure I like being the center of attention in this little town!  I'm one of those that likes to keep to myself!  Off to work on the shoes! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never ever ever.......

Again will I let anyone know I can sew/quilt because me being the nice person I am has gotten me in deep!  So yesterday I got on facebook for my daily thing and I have a message.....  1st sign of something was up...  so I open it and its my old choir director asking if I could make this tiger costume for the football games.  2nd was stupid me said yeah if you have a pattern ....  Note to self learn your freakin mouth shut......  Well of course he has the pattern all he needed to do was go and get the material!   Well last night he comes by and brings me this huge bag from Hancocks with all the things needed to make the costume minus a sewing machine!  I mean he even bought thread and all!  Now I don't mind making it for him one bit!  He is an awesome man and an inspiration.  He was and is the one person outside of family that I can talk to and that will listen and give the inspiration and advice!  He's like I'll pay you to make it and I told him its fine I don't mind (I truly don't)  but he's insisting and so I have finally gave up the argument!  

Well now its off to get ready to go to my grandmas house so I have room to stretch out the 6 yards of fabric and patterns to cut and get to work on this costume!  I'm hoping to have the most of it done to where I can have him try it on wednesday for any last minute adjustments and hoping maybe I can finish this by friday .....  I know I'm dreaming, I'm crazy or whatever else you wanna call me but when I'm on a deadline I get tunnel visioned when I sit down at the machine and always manage to pull through on my deadline!....  So wish me luck here I am off to go make the best looking tiger costume around!   HA HA HA!  

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ughhhhhhh neighbors!

Oh I hate them so very bad right now!  These idiots have decided to work on their home renovation at freaking 9pm and on top of it they are drinking!  They've already woke up alyssa twice!  Its gonna be a long freaking night!  I would just call the cops but this little one horse town only has one and he's off duty right now and wont be called out unless its an emergency!  So I'm stuck dealing with the constant annoyance of loud drunks working on their house!  Ughhhh its gonna be a major coffee kinda morning tomorrow!

Awwww child hood memories!

So I just went and picked up Alyssa from her nana and papa day and dad hands me a box with 3 games in it!  Some diego game (not sure what it is but its not the reason for this post at the moment), Don't break the ice and Don't spill the beans!  And I have flash backs to second grade in Mrs Cumbies 2nd grade class on rainy days we would stay inside during recess and play games and those were 2 of the many we would play with.  I love don't break the ice!  I miss those care free days where there were no worries and no cares of how the heck to pay the bills or anything else your biggest concern then was who to sit by at lunch!   This is the 2nd week in a row I've had these kinds of flash backs last saturday was when I bought her a light brite at a yard sale for 3 bucks and we spent 2 hours playing with it together.... dang I forgot how much I loved those things!   Sometimes I wish i could just go back to those days were things were so much simplier in life!  Well I know must go and kick my poor childs but in don't break the ice because I am the master at that game!  Things could have changed that much in 18 years right?  Right?  Well hopefully not!  I would like to for once win a childs game considering she kicks my butt constantly in candy land! 

I'm slowly getting there!

So I have managed so far to figure out how to change the template to something new and cute!  I might just get the hang of this after all!  But for now its off to feed the monsters around here their lunch or otherwise they just might gang up and revolt and tie me up!  Hmmmmm maybe that's not such a bad idea after all..  Because just maybe then I would get some peace, quiet and alone time!   HA!  Like that'll ever happen!  Oh well a girl can dream can't she!

Why I'm here!

I've toyed with the idea of doing a blog for a while actually.  But last night while at my cousins house with the kiddo she kept saying I just have to it so much fun!  So here I am Nikki finally giving in and doing it!  So bear with me as I get the hang of all of this!