Wednesday, October 31, 2012

People of Exxon 3

I know I'm a tad behind but will be catching up today!  So without further to do here is the latest People of Exxon Pictures!  Enjoy!

"Big Cheetah"

"Lil' Devil"

"Complete with Batman Mask"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Idea Round up

Halloween Crafty Idea Roundup!  I'm always looking for something new and crafty to do and here are a few of the ideas I've come across so far!  :)

1)  Paper Mache Candy Bowl



Sunday outings!

Well we ended up going fishing again.  And this time I remembered my camera and not just the phone.

I was trying to get a picture of her walking down the bank and well she fell!  LOL

This was her mad at me for the picture above!

The only thing we caught!  LOL

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A busy but fun saturday!

It started out pretty quiet and mild with me working the first half and Alyssa hanging out with her nana!  Then it was off to a birthday party for a friends grandson, then when we got back we ended up going fishing with a friend which turned in to a movie.  We had a blast.  But since I'm still only half awake I'll quit rambling now and get on with the pictures!

The Birthday Boy

She was getting mad at all the pictures

The comment just before this picture "Uh is there a hook on this thing"

And here comes that attitude out!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

People of Exon 2

Well its Saturday morning and what did I wake up to again this morning yep more commical interesting pictures!  I swear he's got a fun job sometimes!  LOL  Remember the quotes are the exact ones he sent with each picture so ladies before leaving the house wonder what a man would think before you leave!  Without further to do here we go:

Spandex not for everybody

How short can it go?

How many colors?

Ghettofabulous! (know him that so meant sarcastically lol)

Medicine Cup Craft Idea Round up!

Ok so we go through roughly 8 bottles of liquid zyrtec a month so we have a ton of those dosage cups that come with and well I now have a basket under the sink that has collected them all.  Well me laying here bored, because of my back, decided to see if I could find some crafty ideas to do with them and here they are!  Enjoy!

1)  Pom Pom Milkshakes from Pink and Green Mama

Finally I have a couple ideas of what to do with them!  Anyone else have any cute ideas?  


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random Pictures from my phone!

Ok just one more post before I get going!  :)

How about some complete randomness?

Random Pictures from my phone from the last couple weeks!

The start of Alyssa's Pink Camo scarf

We have a love for crazy funky socks in this house!  If we have plain "normal" ones on its laundry day!  LOL

I absolutely love the pumpkins but its hard to find just the pumpkins but Alyssa loves her mommy so much she bought mommy a bag while she was out with her nana shopping!  :)

Alyssa's school is selling candy bars!  Lets not discuss how much mommy and nana have bought!  Or how many people my kid has pulled the puppy dog face on to sell the things!

Throwback day at school!

Her red circle scarf I made her for Red and White day at school!  

The start of my circle scarf

Should have made the ball of yarn before I start huh?  Can you find the remote?  Its in there somewhere I promise!  

Well I finally made that ball and thats what was left!  Now I've started on a new ball!

The clouds as the storm was rolling in saturday night!  I love storms!