Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So my kid comes home with a discipline notice.  Note she's only in first grade.  Her and 7 other girls had another student (boy) caught.  They were pulling on his shirt choking him made his neck red and sore.  Had bruises from being pinced and also they were kicking and twisting his arms!  
Now this is the same little boy that was a bully to them last year but in NO way is them doing this appropriate I know!
They all have lunch and recess detention for the rest of the week.  I on top of it have taken away everything in her room but her bed, she's lost game time, tv privlages, her smelly pencial money, gotten a spanking from me and is being made to wrtie letters of appology to the duty teacher, her teacher, the principal, the boy and to the boy's parents!  The principal told them if there is a next time they would all get 3 swats to which I informed her if it happened again I would double the 3 and she would loose everything for at least 6 months!
Ughh Seriously this kid is gonna drive me to a psych ward somewhere!  After everything I did last year standing up for her when she was being bullied she'pulls this crap!   UUGHHHHHH *pulls hair out*

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