Sunday, January 27, 2013

91 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

1) You are beautiful. Without the use of an airbrushes, diets, makeup, or size 2 hips. You are you, and you are stunning.
2) You are loved. By me, your grandparents, aunts and uncles.  And nothing you do will change that.
3) I will always be your mom and you will always be my baby.
4) You are always welcomed home. It doesn't matter what you do, this is always a safe home for you to return. My arms are wide open, as is the front door.
4) You are unique. The world will tell you to conform to certain styles, thoughts, and lifestyles. But they really need your point of view.
5) Cookie dough, brownie batter, and cake batter will fix almost any broken heart or finals week stress.
6) I am your best friend and mother. First i am your mother.
7) I will always fight for you, but I will teach you to fight your own battles.
8) Try to live a peace with everyone, but do not be afraid to fight when it's needed. You are not a doormat.
9) The world needs strong, powerful women. Be one.
10) The day you were born my heart started beating in you. I will feel all your hurts and tears. And I will share in all your happiness and joy.
11) Make your future husband work for you. Make him prove he is willing to fight long and hard for you.
12) Marriage is a lot of work. More than you will ever imagine.
13) Marry your best friend. It will mean more to you then flowers and fancy dates and a sexy body.

14) Those three things are nice to have too though.
15) Education is important. Cherish every chance you get to learn something new.
16) Dance. All the time. Whenever you can. Especially when you don't feel there is a reason too.
17) Girlfriends are the best therapy. And they are free. Find at least one you can trust completely.
18) Your body is yours. Save it to give to your husband. It will be worth it.
19) Christmas is the best time of year.
20) And cookies baked at Christmas time have no calories.
21) Play at least one sport in your life.
22) And try at least one instrument. 
23) You have my genes. See a doctor and dentist regularly.
24) You will grow up in the kitchen with me. I hope you love it as much as I do. It is a way to express love to many people.
25) A good bra and pretty underwear are worth the investment.
26) You are never too old to love Disney.

27) Your broken heart will heal in time. I promise.
28) Do your research before you form an opinion.
29) Food is something to enjoy, not become slave to.
30) We are going to fight. I will make you mad. Remember I'm always doing what I feel is best for you.
31) But I will screw up and make mistakes. And I will apologize.
32) There is so much music out there. Listen to a little of everything.
33) Talk to me about anything. I want to listen to your stories.
34) Never be afraid you are bothering me. I love to be your mom. Even at 3am.
35) Flirting is an art form. Learn it. And never lose it. Flirt like crazy with your husband..
36) Never let yourself go. Stay you!
37) Dying your hair is always acceptable when you need a change.
38) Tattoos are wonderful but they are permanent. Think them through.
39) Work hard. Always. Even when no one is watching.
40) Find something your passionate about.
41) Travel every chance you get. The world is a wonderful place.

42) Live your life for yourself. Not through your phone.
43) I am immensely proud to call you my daughter.
44) Your first kiss should be special and celebrated. 
45) There will never be enough money to get married or have a kid. Don't wait for there to be, but plan ahead.
46) Chick flicks are great to watch but those men aren't real. Stop waiting for one to show up in your life.
47) Saying sorry first doesn't make you weak. It proves you value relationships more then being right.
48) It's okay to cry when you need to.
49) PMS does not excuse anything.
50) Pedicures are a great way to start off flip flop season.
51) The house you have, car you drive, toys and clothes you buy, ability to breast feed, or run the PTA and still have homemade meals does not determine if you are a good mom. Your ability to love and nurture does.
52) Take big risk. If you fail, its proof you are going somewhere.
53) Make your faith your own. Don't rely on mine to get you by.
54) The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. Even if you are horribly off key.
55) No number will ever define you. Not your GPA, bank balance, age or most importantly a number on a scale.
56) If Jane Austen wrote it, you should read it.
57) Make plans for your life. Then realize God has a sense of humor and will probably change them for you.
58) Money doesn't grow on trees. You will have to work hard for it. Save as much as you can but every once in awhile splurge. You deserve it.
59) Having a kid will change everything you think you know about life in general. Be prepared.

60) Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself. It will help save your sanity.
61) Your opinion is important and the world needs to hear it.
62) You can change the world. The only thing on your way will be you.
63) My mom is my best friend. I hope to be yours too.
64) You can never out grow naps.
65) Love is a commitment and promise. Be careful how you use it.
66) It's okay to feel hurt, angry, sad and scared. It is not okay to let those control your life.
67) Sometimes a little shoe shopping does a woman a whole lot of good.
68) You are an American and with that comes a lot of privileges the rest of the world will never have. Always be grateful for them.
69) If our fashion styles ever agree; you are welcome to anything I have.
70) Forgiveness is hard. Do it anyway.
71) Time spent together is more valuable than money. Remember that when you have kids.
72) Never be afraid to get a little dirty.
73) I will always worry about you. No matter how old you get.
74) You can cheer for any football team you want. Except for Alabama.
75) Prayer is effective. Even when you can't see that. Especially then.
76) I never want you to feel trapped. There is always a way out. It just might not be the easiest or prettiest way.
77) Celebrate every birthday! Your life is worth a huge celebration.
78) Be careful how you judge people. You will never know their whole story.
79) Other people's happiness is not your responsibility. Don't try and make it.
80)  I am tying our best. You are a gift given to me by God, one I didn't deserve. I know I am not good enough to be your mom but I am trying my hardest. And praying a lot
81) I wouldn't trade the scars on me caused by pregnancy for anything. They are reminders of the most amazing 9 months of my life.
82) People are going to think what they want about you. Don't let it get to you.
83) Beauty is found in who you are, not what you look like.
84) You are never to old to cuddle with me.
85) It's okay to avoid reality for a day and escape. But no more. Face life head on.

86) Being a woman is a blessing.
87) Never apologize for bring sensitive or emotional. It's a sign you have a big heart and aren't afraid to show it. Showing emotions is a sign of strength.
88) Your instincts should be trusted. You are aware of a lot more then you realize.
89) You are capable of so much more than you believe you are. It's my job to push you towards it.
90) I love being your mom. Always. From the day I found out I was pregnant till the day I die, being your mom will be my greatest source of joy.
91) You will never know the depth of my love for you. And there is nothing you can do to make me love you any more or any less.

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