Saturday, October 20, 2012

People of Exon 2

Well its Saturday morning and what did I wake up to again this morning yep more commical interesting pictures!  I swear he's got a fun job sometimes!  LOL  Remember the quotes are the exact ones he sent with each picture so ladies before leaving the house wonder what a man would think before you leave!  Without further to do here we go:

Spandex not for everybody

How short can it go?

How many colors?

Ghettofabulous! (know him that so meant sarcastically lol)

2 awesome opinions:

Nikki Brewer said...

OMG! those are great...this should be it's on website like People of Wal mart!!

Brittany said...

I know I've so considered it! Thats the reason I started posting them here until I could work out the website idea! I love waking up on saturday mornings, coffee isn't needed usually! LOL