Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back to school!

Let me start off by saying yes I know I'm behind again!  I will catch up and become better at this!

Now back to the day a lot of parents look forward to at the end of every summer: The 1st day of school! (ok maybe not many and don't get me wrong I love my kid to death but I also love it when we are back in to our normal routine and she's back to school)  Things were going great we were even ahead of schedule that morning, which in my head I was going yay, well that turned when my kid decided to take a 30 minute shower (hello child your 7 theres no need for a shower that takes that long).  Well we ended up rushing out the door true to form like every other day.  I walked her in against her will (because at the age of 7 they think they are so grown up) well got her to where she needed to go and got told ok bye old woman and she took off to sit in her line.  Yep they get attitudes early!  My mother has said it many many times and I always protest that Alyssa is my mini me!  Well here you go mother for the public to see YOU ARE RIGHT!  Ok now don't go and have a heart attack on me please!  LOL Love ya mom!  Ok now on to the fun stuff PICTURES!  What can I say I am a picture addict!

Off to school we go!

Sound asleep the night before!

Yes this momma even had a count down going on her phone!  Sad I know!  LOL

2 awesome opinions:

Nikki Brewer said...

a count down ....seriously?? LOL!!

Brittany said...

Yes seriously! Just wait until Lyla gets to this point and you will completely understand! LOL Heck she even asked for it! She loves school! She had to check the count down every single day!