Saturday, July 28, 2012


The title says it all just about!

This week has been a whirl wind and one heck of a wake up call all in one.  Being a single mom with a quote unquote normal kid is hard, but turn that kid into one who has some pretty significant allergy issues and you have my world.

Alyssa has had some allergy issues since pretty much birth but since Feb its gotten a lot worse!  Like I've said in another post we've been having some crazy weird hives like rashes popping up pretty much out of the blue.  Well this week we did patch testing at the dermatologist office and let me say that was the longest 52 1/2 hours I think I've ever had in the last 7 years with Alyssa.

This is what her back looked like!  

After removing them on Wednesday afternoon it wasn't pretty.  She not only had 6 positives but she was also allergic to the tape they used.  

We came out learning she was allergic to:

1) Shellac
2) Fragrance Mix II
3) Oleamidopropyl Dimethylamine
4) Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
5) Ethyl Arcylate
6) Thimerosal

The worst of them being her reaction to Thimerosal.  To which the dermatologist said had she been vaccinated it could have very well turned out BAD!  

I am so thankful I have followed my gut and fought the last 7 years for my right not to vax her!  I can only imagine what would have happened had I done so, and honestly none of the possibilities I have played out in my head have been good!  

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday have been pretty emotional around here in dealing with all the news.  It was also spent calling allergist offices (which I still have more to call) in an attempt to find one to do food testing on her with out doing the scratch test.  The dermatologist agrees we also need to do food testing but not through scratch testing because of her skin issues it can actually make them less accurate.  So me being me have sat down and googled it all so I would know what I was talking about a little more when I started calling and I've been either been flat out told No or bs'd by 6 offices.  Monday will consist of calling offices in Little Rock and Tulsa.  

From one mommy to another doing it alone isn't easy but its well worth it!  I've had many cuddles and hugs in the last week (which I don't get much cuddle time anymore these days she's getting to big for them according to her) than I've had in quite awhile, and needless to say I'm enjoying every moment of them.  Yes there are going to have to be some major changes around my house but I will do whatever it takes to keep my goobie head happy, healthy and safe, no matter who or what stands in my way.  

Well I am off to go snuggle up with my goober and watch RIO!  Night all!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My stubborn streak!

I have proven yet again that yes I am very stubborn!  I have finally pushed enough that I have gotten dr's and the insurance company(they were the easiest) to agree to allergy testing for Alyssa!  So Monday morning we will be doing patch testing with 72 products on ingredients in products.  Monday they will places the patches and Wednesday we will have that read.  Then on the following morning we will be having food testing done.  I know these will not be easy for her but I also know this is what is best for her.  I am honestly to the point the rashes are driving me crazy.  Every time I think we're good for a while another one pops up!  Just like tonight!  She's been good and rash free for over a week and low and behold she just came in here 45 minutes ago whinning it was burning, itching and hurting!  Its to the point now I work on pure auto pilot with the rashes I am up and getting or doing what needs to be done before I even realize I'm doing it!

But thinking about this,  that the turn out from this testing could be bad in ways because knowing the school I am going to have to fight them over things if it comes to avoiding certain things!  At home I know we will be fine I know I can and will make the adjustments and find other ways.  The school however seems to think they can do whatever they want when they want consequences be damned!

Pink Bubble!

So back in March I decided to start selling Mary Kay!

And I love it!

I love our pink bubble.  Anytime I'm feeling down theres always someone there to help lift you up and give you ideas on how to get the business back to going!

I know didn't say much about it but what can I say its hard to put in to words how much I love it!  I know this was the best decision for me and Alyssa!  I am so determined to get my red jacket and make alyssa's dream of going to disney world come true and with this it so much more of a possibility!

But for now pics of the fun!  LOL

Where has time gone.....

In a little under a month my baby girl will be starting 2nd grade

WHAT?  HUH?  How did this happen?

I swear I just brought her home from the hospital last week!

How did I go from having this cute curly headed blonde running around!

To having this cute blonde with one heck of an attitude (I swear she doesn't get it from me she gets it from her nana!)

Needless to say she's starting school wether I like it or not so I might as well get ready!  I've already got most of the school supplies, she's pretty much set on clothes, so really all we need to pick up is panties, socks and the dreaded BRA'S!  Yes you read that right she is also now wearing bras!  Lord help me she's only 7 I was so not prepared for that one!  

Well off for now the next post is what I've been doing the last fews months thats kept me so busy and distracted from blogging!