Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Know you are a Quilter when....

1. Your child spills juice on a shirt and instead of looking for stain remover, you are thinking, "Hmmmm, that pink would make a really pretty heart in my patchwork project..."

2. UFO does NOT mean "Unidentified Flying Object."

3. WIP is something you need to do, not what a lion tamer uses.

4. You have a "stash" and it isn't illegal.

5. You go to get a tiny piece of fabric, and a whole stack falls on the floor.

6. You come to the realization that fabric breeds. You KNOW you've never seen some of that stuff in there before.

7. You buy your own Christmas presents from the fabric shop and give them to DH to put under the tree. (You know you are an online quilter if you know what DH means!!)

8. You find yourself drawing the bathroom tile pattern on a piece of toilet tissue in a public restroom.

9. You think thread is a fashion accessory.

10. You have tried to (or at least thought of) using cat hair as batting.

11. You have purchased more projects than you can do in your lifetime, and yet you continue to look for more.

12. All your walls and beds are bare because you give everything you make away.

13. Before a major holiday or event, you can be seen either up at midnight, or in the car on the way to the event, sewing the last few stitches in.

14. You have given unfinished gifts.

And the final way to tell that you are a true quilter:

15. Fabric Fondling does not sound obscene

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