Saturday, June 11, 2011

Its been a crazy week around my house! This is the first full week of summer for Alyssa (whatever idiot thought up summer break needs to be taken out back and shot by a bunch of 6 year olds)!  Alyssa plans on spending a big part of her summer at her nana's house helping her out and sewing.

Tuesday Alyssa's cat decided to have her kittens 6 in all!  It was an eventful occasion around here because I spent all morning rescuing her out from under Alyssa's bed (which isn't easy) then the last time Alyssa's came in here saying "princess is under my bed again and she sounds funny"  and to that one I took off running.  Only to get there in time to see her cleaning up the first kitten.  So moved her and the kitten to the box in the kitchen that I had ready for her.  But they are so adorable and cuddly.  The first thing Alyssa does every morning (even before potty time)  she has to go in there and count to make sure they are all there.

I have decided to set up a booth at the old miner's day festival down on main street in September.  In doing so I've spent most of the week planning the stuff to make!  So far on the list is check book covers, pillow case dresses, table runners, coasters, place-mats, felt food sets, and Alyssa and her nana are also plotting and planning.  Its gonna be a crazy few months getting stuff done but I'll pull it off somehow (oh yeah Nikki voluntered to help I just might take her up on that offer lol even though she may regret it)!  

Last night was pretty much an almost normal Friday night went and got my nails filled and decided to treat myself to a pedicure while I was at it (got yelled at by my pedi lady whoops lol)  then went to Big Lots to pick up some stuff and while there Alyssa decided her and Lyla (Nikki's daughter) really need some lip gloss, these water gun things that had candy in them (of course they had to be the pink ones so I had to dig for 2 pink ones)  and Cheetos (note to self never take her shopping with me again).  Then off to meet up with Nikki and lyla and off to Walmart we went where we got stuff for our crafty night.  We made the cutest bows (if I may say so myself)!  It was the very first time ever either one of us has ever made bows!  Then it was home and bedtime (super late compared to normal)!  

Today is up and at em!  Its a family affair to replace the humongous picture window in my grandmas dinning room that has been cracked and being held together by duct tape (I swear I would marry that stuff if I could it solves so many problems) since the winter when it cracked.  Then its dinner for all and after all of that as long as work doesn't decide to keep the boyfriend hopefully I'll get to see him for the first time in 2 weeks since I dropped him and his little boy off at the bus station!  Then tomorrow is grocery shopping and to start the craziness all over again!  

But for now its off to work on some felt food then a shower!  

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