Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UGHHHHH the pain!

The last week or so has been a long one!  I had a dentist appointment about a week ago where I learned I have to have $1057 worth of work done thank goodness for insurance it'll only cost me $300 yeah I know still wow but better than the no insurance price. Thankfully its not all at one whack the work will be broken up in to 3 appointments so that will make it a little more manageable   Even though right now I think I would rather it all be at once considering the pain I'm in.   I woke up yesterday morning with my bottom gums in the front swollen so bad they are practically purple and hard as rocks.  Anbesol has been my best friend. 

I have been managing to get some sewing done thankfully.  I've made about 30 felt strawberries!

Well off to go find my friend and numb up the mouth again later all!

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