Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy hectic busy weekend has only begun!

The start to my crazy weekend has only begun and its started off good so far.  This morning I did my yard sale rounds came out with some clothes for Alyssa and I also found 2 huge boxes of fabric for $5 a piece (awesome score).  Then it was home to unload the finds and clean the car for tonight.   Tonight is girls night again which includes me, Nikki, and our 2 rug-rats where we are going on a shopping run for me for bday presents for the rest of the weekend its also gonna include a trip to chuckie cheese (pray for us)!  I have plan the rounds out for this shopping trip but it never fails something will happen and mess it up!  Then it will be back to Nikki's' for a little while!

Tomorrow is was has become known as the Old Ladies Birthday Party (and yes I'm included in that)  the age range is from 26 to 92 but its always a blast when we all get together.  We are partying yet again at Big Jake's.  

Sunday is one of the nephews (josh's) birthday party which we are doing at Creekmore park so he can ride the train and go swimming and then its back to my grandmas to eat, do presents and cake!  

Someone can come insert that caffeine IV now because I'm sure by the end of the weekend I will be worn out and need it desperately!

Does someone wanna come be my stand in?   Please!  Because just thinking about all of this is wearing me out!  

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