Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where has time gone.....

In a little under a month my baby girl will be starting 2nd grade

WHAT?  HUH?  How did this happen?

I swear I just brought her home from the hospital last week!

How did I go from having this cute curly headed blonde running around!

To having this cute blonde with one heck of an attitude (I swear she doesn't get it from me she gets it from her nana!)

Needless to say she's starting school wether I like it or not so I might as well get ready!  I've already got most of the school supplies, she's pretty much set on clothes, so really all we need to pick up is panties, socks and the dreaded BRA'S!  Yes you read that right she is also now wearing bras!  Lord help me she's only 7 I was so not prepared for that one!  

Well off for now the next post is what I've been doing the last fews months thats kept me so busy and distracted from blogging!

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