Saturday, June 23, 2012

So for anyone that knows me and Alyssa knows that Alyssa has quite a few allergy issues.   Well most of them we found by trial and error, but starting back in February she started breaking out in mystery rashes(hives) on her butt.  Well this last Wednesday was the most recent and 4th one.  These things progress and QUICK!  Literally it goes from her being fine to hives to extreme redness and swelling (infection) and heat in a matter of a couple hours!  Well we went off to the dermatologist yet again and up'd the zyrtec and started on keflex for the infection.  Well last night she came in here complaining her cheek was burning, hurting and itching.  So I look and what do I see a good size red patch.

So after a couple phone calls my mommy stress chills once I finally figured out it was a reaction to the Keflex.  Granted it still didn't help me sleep at all last night but not quite as stressed about it now!  I'm honestly not sure wether it looks better or worse today!  But as long as I stay on top of the zyrtec it doesn't seem to bother her to much!  

This is how it looks today! 

I am finally breaking down and going to push to have them do allergy testing!  I have no choice anymore I am so stressed lately over the slightest thing worried that she will react!  So wish me luck at her follow up appointment Tuesday because I am going to need it!

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