Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo challenge day 1!

So starting today I'm going to do a photo (who knows may end up being more than one) a day for a year!  Yeah may seem crazy but I want to see where this ends up!

Ok so todays photo(s):

"Hurry it cold"

The whole group!

By herself!  

The fearless driver!  Man must be nuts if hes gonna drive a limo with 9 kids and only one adult for supervision on a trip to and from mcdonalds!

Today Alyssa got to go on a limo ride to mcdonalds that she earned by selling 15 savers cards for school!  She was excited!  She has been talking about it nonstop since she got home!   Lets just hope that the next time she rides in a limo is very far of in the very very very distant future!  LOL

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