Saturday, August 13, 2011

And another is about to bite the dust!

So only one more day and this summer comes to a close for us!  Alyssa will start 1st grade on monday!  I am so excited and sad all in one!  

Where in the world is that cute little innocent precious baby I held in my arms 6 years 4 months and 5 days ago (yes I did the math)!  

(well for the life of me can't find any of her baby pics so will add one in here when I finally  find one)

Tomorrows long list of to do's involves:
- A trip to the grocery store to make sure we have what we need for lunches.
- Pulling out and labeling all school supplies.
- Packing all said school supplies.
- Making Alyssa pick out her first day of school outfit (to spare the hour long decision that morning)
- Deciding what she will be taking for lunch the first day of school
- Deciding what she wants for breakfast the first day of school
- And attempting to get her behind in bed and to sleep at a decent hour!

And all that on top of unpacking, sorting and putting away of all the stuff we bought on the yard sale trip (another bloggy post that will be coming soon).

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