Sunday, May 8, 2011

Its just another day!

I've always been one for family traditions and spending time with family on holidays!  But after the blow up with the free loaders on easter holidays for me are now different.  Yeah I've had plenty of people send me happy mothers day wishes but in all honesty its sucks right now!  My day has been pretty much another day.  Woke up fed the kid and the cat and started cleaning then put together my new grill I bought and now sitting here doing absolutely nothing!  Yeah I'll go down to my grandmas later after everyone has left and visit for a few and give her her present but its just not the same!  I've done good with it just being another day all morning until now that everything is done and I"m just left to sit here and think.  

But on a final note Happy Mothers Day to everyone!  I'm off to go find something to clean!

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