Sunday, February 6, 2011


That word has become a four letter word in my language lately!  I'm really begining to hate the stuff!  We've had so much of it lately that I'm just plain sick and tired of the crap!

Today I had to get out to go to the store and in the process got the car stuck and being stubborn and independent that I am said I can get the car unstuck myself!  Well I did but I am now paying for it because I screwed my shoulder up major!  It hurts like hell!  I can't move my shoulder at all and I have a knot the size of a softball just below my shoulder blade!  I swear being stubborn and independent isn't always a good thing!  But I did learn 2 things today I can get my car unstuck when need be and the next time it happens to call DAD!  LOL!  I will never ever ever do that one again! 

And it's snowing yet again!  I really hate that crap!  Bad part is we have a chance of up to 10 more inches of the crap tuesday night through wednesday!   Seriously how much longer until spring?

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