Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never ever ever.......

Again will I let anyone know I can sew/quilt because me being the nice person I am has gotten me in deep!  So yesterday I got on facebook for my daily thing and I have a message.....  1st sign of something was up...  so I open it and its my old choir director asking if I could make this tiger costume for the football games.  2nd was stupid me said yeah if you have a pattern ....  Note to self learn your freakin mouth shut......  Well of course he has the pattern all he needed to do was go and get the material!   Well last night he comes by and brings me this huge bag from Hancocks with all the things needed to make the costume minus a sewing machine!  I mean he even bought thread and all!  Now I don't mind making it for him one bit!  He is an awesome man and an inspiration.  He was and is the one person outside of family that I can talk to and that will listen and give the inspiration and advice!  He's like I'll pay you to make it and I told him its fine I don't mind (I truly don't)  but he's insisting and so I have finally gave up the argument!  

Well now its off to get ready to go to my grandmas house so I have room to stretch out the 6 yards of fabric and patterns to cut and get to work on this costume!  I'm hoping to have the most of it done to where I can have him try it on wednesday for any last minute adjustments and hoping maybe I can finish this by friday .....  I know I'm dreaming, I'm crazy or whatever else you wanna call me but when I'm on a deadline I get tunnel visioned when I sit down at the machine and always manage to pull through on my deadline!....  So wish me luck here I am off to go make the best looking tiger costume around!   HA HA HA!  

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